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The Spanish Gin And Tonic Elevates The Classic Cocktail To New Heights
The gin and tonic holds a special place in the world of cocktails, and ever since its invention, the drink has been riffed on and innovated. One way to elevate your gin and tonic is to upgrade your gin, otherwise, you can try the Spanish gin and tonic for a new way to experience the cocktail.
The main difference between a classic G&T and the Spanish version is the garnish. The Spanish cocktail is served in a highball or balloon wine glass and is enhanced by a heavy dose of garnishes that complement the natural flavors of the gin. The garnishes are carefully picked to enhance the unique flavor profile of the gin used.
However, since gin has a wide variety of botanical flavors and aromas, there are a wide array of flavor profiles to work with. Examples of garnishes include classics like mint, basil, or fruit, and exotic choices like pepper kernels, orange bitters, or star anise. Pick whatever garnish will go best with your gin and personal tastes, and serve over ice.