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The Soviet Shortbread Cake With An Unconventional Baking Method
Some foods that are beloved today, like meatloaf and wacky cake, originated during times of war, economic crises, and more, which is proof of the human habit to make something good out of something bad. Another example in this category of foods is a Russian confection born during the Soviet Regime of the 20th century.
Though many Russians suffered from poverty and starvation during the Soviet regime, they still managed to create an iconic cake for special celebrations. According to Gastro Obscura, Russian women came up with a cookie-based dessert called "muraveynik" or "anthill cake," with a dome-like shape that resembles an anthill.
Anthill cake is made with flour, sugar, sour cream, butter, baking soda, and vinegar, and the stiff dough is rolled into large snakelike pieces, then run through a meat grinder to create strips. The strips are baked, crushed into small pieces, formed into a dome, and the whole thing is sealed with cooked, sweetened, condensed milk.
Bakers sometimes use other types of biscuits or bread to create the cake, and sprinkle it with cocoa powder, nuts, or seeds. Natasha's Kitchen says that the flavor of the dish is reminiscent of a cookie, coffee cake, scone, and biscotti all at once, and today, those with Russian heritage still celebrate special occasions with anthill cake.