Sour cream in a wooden bowl isolated on white. Dairy product. Top view.
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The Sour Cream Swap To Instantly Elevate French Onion Dip
French onion dip is a classic party food that's based on French onion soup, but you can make this dip more distinct from its traditional inspiration by using a simple substitution.
Lots of French onion dips use sour cream as a base, but fresh ricotta is a great swap that adds a creamy and cheesy flavor, while still behaving similarly to sour cream.
Ricotta has a lighter and creamier texture than sour cream, making for a smoother and more velvety dip. It's easy to incorporate without radically changing your usual recipe.
Ricotta is also lower in fat and calories than sour cream, with plenty of protein, calcium, and potassium. Try it for a way more delicious and slightly more nutritious onion dip.