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The Soup Swap For Casserole Recipes That Still Provides Creamy Results
Casseroles, which may include a protein, veggie, starch, and a creamy sauce, are one of the keys to comfort for many in the United States. While canned soups are a common ingredient to add a creamy component to casseroles, there are two other simple ingredients that, when combined, can work as a great substitute.
Cream of chicken or cream of mushroom add a hint of savory flavor, but if you don't have a can on hand or want the satisfaction of creating those flavors yourself, swap out the soup for fresh mushrooms and equal parts mayonnaise and sour cream. Full-fat sour cream, heavy cream, and even cream cheese can also work.
If you want a stronger mushroom flavor, try combining heavy cream or sour cream, mushroom or vegetable broth, and fresh mushrooms, or milk with mushroom or vegetable broth. Regardless of which soup stand-in you choose, simply add it to your casserole at the step where you'd normally add soup and proceed.