Top view of wooden spoon with mix of raw lentils on it
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The Soaking Trick To Cut Lentil Cooking Time In Half
Making the perfect pot of lentils heavily depends on timing, and they can take quite long to cook. If you're in a rush, there's a trick to cut the cooking time of lentils in half.
To cook lentils more quickly, you must soak them in water for four hours to overnight, which softens them up and eliminates the need to “babysit” them while they cook.
Soaking lentils will also allow your body to better absorb their nutrients, including iron, zinc, and calcium. The next thing to keep in mind is ingredients you should leave out.
You should avoid adding any salt or acidic ingredients to the lentils until they're done cooking, so that they can soften properly and gain a creamy texture.
To soak your lentils, place them in the bottom of a large pot or bowl and rinse them before refilling the pot with cold water, then store them in a safe place for four to 24 hours.