Bottles of snake infused whiskey
The Snake Infused Whiskey Not Meant For The Faint Of Heart
Snake whiskey is made by shoving a live snake into a bottle of whiskey or sake and leaving it to soak. With alleged health benefits and an intense flavor, it packs a big punch.
As the snake drowns and is left to ferment, the whiskey takes on some fishy, smokey-tasting notes that deliver a spicier flavor profile. Cobras are often used in the drink.
There are chances the snake might survive, posing a threat to anyone handling the bottle, but this drink is still a tradition in Thailand and is also sold in other parts of Asia.
The drink is both pricey and unregulated, as it can contain toxins and harmful pathogens, and some bottles are infused with extra snake venom, which is illegal in many countries.
Some brewers add herbs, spices, and ingredients thought to reduce pain and serve as an aphrodisiac. Snake whiskey was also once purported to cure exhaustion and hair loss.