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The Snack Food That Gives Bobby Flay's Signature Burger A Serious Crunch
Celebrity chef Bobby Flay has plenty of expertise when it comes to upscale American fare, as evidenced by his beloved restaurant, Bobby's Burger Palace, which offers a host of unique burgers. Flay’s signature burger on the menu stands out above the rest, and is a must for anyone seeking some serious crunch.
According to Food Network, Flay's signature "Crunchburger '' is elevated by the saltiness and crunchy texture of potato chips. A cheeseburger with chips might sound strange at first, but the chips offer an even better crunch than crispy lettuce, bacon, or even fried onions, and the flavors meld together harmoniously.
To make this kind of burger at home, Food Network recommends adding one handful of potato chips to the toppings of every burger you make, and you can get creative with flavored chips. Another way to incorporate chips into a burger is to crush and mix them into your patty meat before cooking, as BBQ Pit Boys suggests.