A mezcal and tequila cocktail with lime and mint garnish, paper straw, and abundant ice by a swimming pool
The Smoky Spirit Swap To Boost Tropical Cocktails
Mixologist Dave Tyda of Phoenix bar Barcoa Agaveria highly recommends using rum in place of mezcal in tropical cocktails, which creates a wonderful union of fruity and smoky notes.
Like tequila, mezcal is made from the agave plant, but while tequila exclusively comes from Weber Blue agave, mezcal can be made from any of the numerous species of the plant.
Mezcal’s earthy and smoky flavor comes from its production process, in which the agave is roasted over wood and charcoal. The final spirit goes well with almost any tropical drink.
Due to its boldness, mezcal isn't as much of a blank, versatile slate as tequila or vodka. You'll want to treat mezcal more like whiskey or bourbon when mixing it into drinks.
For a citrusy sipper that you can enjoy on the rocks or frozen, make a mezcal Paloma or mezcal margarita. Other ideas include mezcal blue Hawaiians, daiquiris, and caipirinhas.