Tortillas falling into a stack
The Slow Cooker Hack For Keeping Tortillas Warm Throughout Dinner
To avoid cold, crusty tortillas, you need to eat them right after cooking or heating. If you don't want to keep reheating tortillas throughout a meal, keep them in a slow cooker.
Many slow cookers come with a "warm" setting that keeps food at low heat until it's time to eat. You can use this setting to keep tortillas warm and pliant for a few hours.
Wrap the tortillas in a damp paper towel and leave the stack in a slow cooker set to warm, or wrap in a thin, damp towel and then in foil, making sure the towel isn't soaking wet.
If you also cook your taco meat in the slow cooker, you can keep it in the pot, set it to medium heat, and put the tortillas on a plate and set the plate on top of the meat.
Once you place the lid over the whole thing, your meat and tortillas will stay warm at the same time. When it's time to eat, turn the cooker back down to the warm setting.