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The Slicing Mistake You Could Be Making When Carving Turkey
With Thanksgiving right around the corner, dreaming of how to prepare the perfect thanksgiving turkey is naturally on many people’s minds. However, just as important as a perfectly prepared turkey is a proper carving technique, and all you need is a sharp knife and tongs.
The first thing to remember is to avoid a sawing motion with any knife when cutting into your Thanksgiving bird, as this technique is abrasive to the muscle fibers. Not only can this harm the meat by shredding it, it also causes the turkey’s juices to spill out and cause dry cuts, which nobody wants for their Thanksgiving turkey.
To save your turkey from this sawing motion, hone the cutting edge of your knife to keep it sharp, and it’s best to use a 5-6 inch knife, so it’s able to slice straight through the bird. However, as long as your knife is sharp and comfortable in your hand, you have the perfect tool ready to dish out the perfect Thanksgiving Day turkey.