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The Slicing Method For Perfectly Even Chicken Cutlets
Whole boneless, skinless chicken breasts are too thick to be used in dishes like chicken piccata, which means you have to cut and sometimes pound them into thin cutlets. This job can be tough to do perfectly, but there’s one knife trick that will help you succeed every time in cutting chicken into thin, even cutlets.
Since there's a thick side and a thin side to every chicken breast, and both are unevenly shaped, making two or even "even" cuts will still give you cutlets with varying thickness. You'll have better luck by cutting the chicken breast into three equal pieces, which you can then pound into even cutlets.
To try this method, take your chicken breast and cut it width-wise on a cutting board, putting the thick piece to one side and the thin piece to the other. Cut from across the north-south line, set the thin piece aside, then take the thick piece and slice it as though you were butterflying it, but cut all the way through.