A bowl of broccoli cheddar soup with cheese on the table
The Single Spice To Boost The Flavor Of Broccoli Cheddar Soup
A classic broccoli cheddar soup makes for a delicious and filling meal. You can elevate this basic dish with a dash of nutmeg to add a nutty, sweet, and subtle earthy taste.
Nutmeg balances out the rich flavors of the cream and cheese in the soup, yet it also highlights the sharpness and nuttiness found in cheddar.
For a large pot of soup, add just a pinch or half a teaspoon of nutmeg, so you don't overpower the dish. You can taste it and add more later once the flavors meld together.
Use freshly grated nutmeg instead of pre-ground for a bolder flavor. Cook it with other flavorings like garlic or spices to blend them together and infuse the soup with flavor.