Green beans falling in the mid air
The Single Ingredient That Makes Canned Green Beans Taste Pricey
While canned green beans are nutritious and versatile, they can taste boring. Luckily, simmering them in broth or bouillon can really help them come to life.
Broth-enhanced green beans will deliver more nuance and depth of flavor when used in a casserole than fresh green beans, plus they will help reduce the cooking time.
If you have a few hours, combine the beans (with their liquid) and beef bouillon in a pot and bring them to a boil. Turn the heat off and let the beans marinate for a few hours.
If you’re pressed for time, simply simmer your green beans in broth for a half hour and drain for results that are equally delicious.
To spruce your canned green beans up even more, add extra touches like crumbled bacon, butter, or garlic powder to the steaming pot. Taste as you go to avoid over-salting.