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The Single Blanton's Collection Worth Almost $100,000
Since 1984, Blanton’s has redefined what premium bourbon is, and the distiller was the first to age and carefully select barrels to bottle one at a time. In the years since, Blanton’s has become something of a white whale for collectors and connoisseurs, like Dominic Guglielmi, who has amassed a stash of over 40 Blanton’s bottles including some very rare finds.
You might know Blanton’s for the small horse and jockey that adorn each bottle top, and adding to the treasure hunt, each bottle top is printed with an individual letter that when collected, spells out Blanton’s. After his employer gifted him a bottle of Blanton’s, the treasure hunt component drove Guglielmi, and he stated, "I don't even drink it […] It's all about the collectability."
Since that first bottle, Guglielmi’s collection has grown to include rare finds such as the Sterling Silver, with less than 100 bottles produced, and the 2012 Le Maison Du Whisky, which is so select only one barrel of it was produced. Today, Guglielmi estimates collection is worth up to $100,000, and he shares his tips and tricks for scoring Blanton’s on his blog Warehouse H.