A large quantity of potatoes
The Simplest Way To Wash A Bunch Of Potatoes At Once
When faced with a mountain of potatoes that need cleaning, scrapers and vegetable washes may seem like the obvious choices, but there's an easier and more effective method.
Simply let the potatoes soak in a clean sink full of water, a tried-and-true method that saves you lots of effort and makes even very dirty potatoes easier to clean.
Fill a sink and let the potatoes sit covered in the water for 15 minutes or longer. Water loosens and softens their skins, so it's easier to scrub off dirt, debris, and stains.
This soak method is versatile and works well for all types and sizes of potatoes. The soaking can take a while, but this frees up time for you to keep preparing to cook.
Be sure to use cold water, and gently agitate the potatoes every so often to ensure even soaking. When they're done, drain the sink and rinse the spuds before patting them dry.