delicious hamburger made of chicken meat, cheese, cucumbers in fast food
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The Simplest Way To Make Stuffed Burgers Mess-Free
Stuffing your burgers with ingredients like caramelized onions, mushrooms, or cheese can wow your guests, but making the burgers can be a very messy process.
There is a neat way to stuff your burgers without the filling falling out. Start with one patty of meat, add your filling on top, place a second patty on top, and seal the edges.
You can use anything you’d like for the filling. Tangy blue cheese is always a winner, though spicy pepper jack or an herbed cheese can be very interesting as well.
The sealed patties can also conceal roasted peppers, ribbons of smoked poblano peppers, or even diced bits of crisp, cooked bacon.
Whether you’re cooking in cast iron or on a grill, be gentle with your stuffed burger as you position, cook, and flip it so the filling doesn’t spill out everywhere.