Iced coffee in high glass on white background
The Simplest Way To Make A Boozy Iced Caramel Coffee
Sweet, savory caramel is a natural flavor match for rich, earthy, bitter coffee, making caramel flavored vodka the perfect way to enjoy a delicious and boozy iced coffee.
Regardless of how you prepare your iced coffee, all you need to do is mix it with a shot of caramel vodka. You can experiment with the ratios, but start with equal parts.
Adding creamer can create a thicker mouthfeel, but some plant-based milk can work, like cashew, soy, or oat milk. Also, keep in mind that the brand of spirit will affect the taste.
This treat would also be delicious served hot, but if you go with iced, it’s best to use coffee ice cubes to avoid over-dilution. Either way, you’re in for a fun and tasty drink.