Bbq shrimp in curry with pieces of bread in bowl
The Simplest Way To Incorporate Shrimp Into Stew Is Also The Tastiest
When incorporating shrimp into stew, it's best to grill the shrimp separately and add them to the stew at the end. Not only is this the easiest method, but it's also the tastiest.
If you've ever cooked shrimp, you probably know how susceptible they are to overcooking. Letting them sit in a piping-hot stew pot can make them rubbery, dry, and tough.
Plus, when the shrimp is in the pot among other ingredients like veggies, it's harder to keep track of and gauge its doneness. It's much safer to just grill them separately.
Keep an eye on the shrimp while they're grilling. Uncooked shrimp start out translucent and gray before turning a pink or orange color when they're done.
Additionally, you can use a meat thermometer to gauge doneness. The USDA recommends a final internal temperature of 145 degrees Fahrenheit for shrimp.
You can also observe the shrimps' shape. Shrimp that curve into a "C" for "cooked" are done, but wait too long and those "C's" will turn into round "O's," as in "overcooked.”
Cut the grilled shrimp into bite-size chunks or add them whole to your stew. They'll be tender and juicy with a nice smoky flavor from the grill, with no guesswork needed.