A burrito on a cutting board
The Simplest Way To Elevate Burritos Using 2 Canned Ingredients
When making burritos, there are two canned ingredients can make the process easier and the final result more delicious. These are humble black beans and chipotle peppers.
Canned chipotles are rehydrated smoked jalapenos that are marinated in adobo sauce made with tomato paste, onions, vinegar, and ancho chilies.
These sweet, smoky, and spicy peppers can be used whole or diced in your burrito, or use blended chipotles as a flavorful sauce. To make them less spicy, remove the core and seeds.
Meanwhile, black beans add better flavor and texture to your burrito than pinto beans do. You can add them in whole or refried form, or even use canned black bean soup.
Since refried beans and bean soup are pre-seasoned, they can cut down on prep time. Try reducing black bean soup in a pot on the stovetop and mix it with rice to fill your burrito.
With these two affordable, convenient, and delicious canned staples in your pantry, you'll never be far from a stellar burrito, or countless other Mexican recipes.