Roasted garlic in a cast iron pan.
The Simplest Way To Check When Roast Garlic Is Done
Roasting garlic is one of the best things you can do with it. Though it depends on the variety and size, a head of garlic should be done roasting in an oven in about 45 minutes.
If you prefer not to rely on a time estimate, just poke a clove with a knife or fork. If it pierces easily, your garlic can be removed from the oven and enjoyed with toasted bread.
You can roast your garlic low and slow to draw out its natural sugars, or bump up the temperature to accelerate the process. Either way, a fork poke will indicate if it's done.
It's important to oil and season your garlic bulb with salt and pepper before wrapping it in tin foil to roast. You should check on the garlic every 10 minutes to avoid burning it.