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The Simple Way To Upgrade Your PB&J
Thanks to their tastiness and protein-rich ingredients, PB&Js are loved by kids and adults alike. To maximize the health benefits of the beloved PB&J, stick to whole grain bread, 100% natural peanut butter, and jellies or jams without added sugars; there are also ways to enhance the taste of your sandwich.
Try a warm grilled PB&J by assembling your sandwich, spreading butter on the outer sides of the bread, then toasting each side in a preheated skillet, like with grilled cheese. The bread will become golden brown with a bit of crisp outer layer, while the peanut butter will be warm and melted on the inside.
Another way to upgrade PB&J is to substitute the peanut butter with another nut butter, or experiment with different types of jam. Try layering in all sorts of ingredients from cream cheese to sliced brie to marshmallows, or try adding potato chips or even a few strips of crispy bacon for a crunchier effect.