A piece of tender meat on a fork
The Simple Way To Tenderize A Steak Using Nothing But A Fork
Using a fork is a simple and effective method to tenderize steak. It is cost-effective and easy to do, making it perfect for even the most inexperienced home cook.
This is one of the mechanical techniques of steak tenderization. It involves creating small punctures in the beef to break the muscle fibers down, making them less tough.
It not only improves the texture but also helps in better absorption of any marinades or seasonings while respecting the natural quality of the meat.
Use this method with tougher steak cuts, like shank or round. Ensure it is at room temperature and puncture it gently with a fork on both sides, then let it rest for a few minutes.
This resting time allows the disrupted fibers to relax and settle, further aiding the tenderization process. Due to the tenderizing, the cooking time may be slightly reduced.