Creamy butter chicken curry with wooden spoon in pot
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The Simple Way To Prevent Butter Chicken From Separating
Butter chicken is tandoori chicken simmered in butter, cream, and tomato sauce with spices and herbs, and it was allegedly invented in the Indian city of Delhi by KL Gujral. The pre-made tandoori chicken would dry out, becoming unappetizing, so KL Gujral repackaged the older chicken in a creamy sauce, and butter chicken was born.
To achieve butter chicken’s creamy sauce, the sauce must be completely emulsified, which is when water and butter mix together seamlessly into a sauce. If the completed mixture is cooked for too long after it has been added, the sauce will separate and the texture will be ruined.
The best way to avoid the sauce separating is to fold the butter in toward the end of the process, which will prevent the sauce from overcooking and then separating. It's also important that if you're preparing butter chicken ahead of time, the butter is kept separate until the dish is ready to be served.