a glass of wine being poured into a glass
The Simple Way To Pick A Dry Riesling Wine Out Of The Crowd
The key to picking a dry Reisling lies in examining the alcohol content indicated on the bottle's label. The higher the alcohol percentage, the drier or less sweet the wine.
During fermentation, yeast converts the sugar in the grapes into alcohol; thus, wines with higher alcohol content usually have less residual sugar and a drier taste profile.
Additionally, the climate and region where the grapes are grown and the winemaking techniques significantly influence the sweetness level.
Dry Rieslings have a balance of acidity and minerality, making them exceptionally easy to pair with food. They are the perfect aperitif, stimulating the appetite before a meal.
Additionally, dry Rieslings are fantastic as a cooking ingredient. When enjoying purely as a drink, serve dry Riesling chilled to bring out its crisp and complex flavors.