Deviled eggs with smoked paprika for Easter brunch
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The Simple Way To Keep Your Deviled Eggs Cold At Any Party
A platter of deviled eggs is best served chilled, and to keep the eggs cold, it's easiest to put the plate on a bowl of ice. There's even a way to make this setup more photogenic.
First, place a bag of ice in a serving container, then arrange lettuce leaves on top to hide the ice and place the eggs directly on the leaves, so the greens serve as a bed.
When your guests arrive, all they'll see are some Instagram-worthy eggs on a bed of greens, and they'll never even know that there's a mountain of ice beneath.
This clever hack can keep other appetizers like salads and dips nice and cold, yet photogenic, though you should put these in a bowl first before placing them on the lettuce.
For maximum cooling, you can refrigerate your serving bowls. You can also serve foods in smaller batches, bringing out a new, cold batch to the party once the old one is gone.