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The Simple Way To Keep The Ice In Your Cooler From Melting Too Fast
You've just finished your grilling duties and are ready to relax with an ice-cold beverage, but when you reach your hand into the cooler, you're met with a pool of warm water and less than chilly bevies. It's a disappointing, yet very common reality — but it doesn't have to be.
It might be obvious to say, but the best way to keep your cooler cold is to make sure that heat stays out, and the best way to keep your cooler cold is to line the inside with aluminum foil. What this does is it reflects rays from the sun (and consequently, heat), in an effort to slow the melting of ice.
You can also keep your cooler at a glacial temperature with a few other tips, like using larger ice blocks to slow melting because less surface area is exposed to hot air. Alternatively, you can prevent quick melting by taking measures to keep your the ice box out of the sun, even partially burying it.