woman frosting a chocolate cake
The Simple Way To Give Cake Frosting A Professional Look
Frosting a cake at home can be quite challenging for first-time bakers, but with these helpful tips, you can frost a cake for a result that's beautiful yet simple to do.
To start your frosting designs, you’ll want to apply a thin, smooth layer of frosting onto your cake to prevent any cake crumbs from peeking out through your final layer.
You can invest in a cake turntable if frosting proves difficult. The tool helps you apply a smooth base layer of frosting without having to physically circle around your cake.
An offset spatula also helps you out a great deal. The metal part of this tool is long with a rounded tip, and allows you to scrape frosting smooth and make all kinds of designs.
If you buy a miniature offset spatula, you can drag it across your final coat of frosting in a constant “S” shape to create an elegant wave-patterned look.
You can also try giving your cake a nice scallop design by using a medium-sized frosting piping bag. Start by adding a dot of frosting at the top of the cake.
Keep placing similar-sized dots under the last until you reach the bottom of the cake. Place an offset spatula on one of the dollops and drag it horizontally as you spin the cake.
This slightly flattens the dots for a layered, scalloped look. Add another dollop of icing right at the end of each streak and repeat the process until the whole cake is covered.