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The Simple Way To Ensure Your Sunny Side Up Eggs Cook Evenly Every Time
In a YouGov poll that asked 1,300 Americans about their favorite breakfast foods, 41% said that they love fried eggs, whether they're cooked sunny side up, over easy, or over medium. However, many of us find it difficult to cook a perfect sunny side up egg with firm whites and a runny yolk; if you can relate, try following this easy tip.
The biggest challenge when frying eggs is that the whites are fully cooked at 180 degrees F, while the yolks are already set at 158 degrees F. However, if you use a lid to cover your pan while cooking, you can avoid ending up with hard yolks alongside perfectly-cooked whites, or a nice runny yolk with thin and runny whites.
A lid traps steam into your pan or skillet, which results in an even heat distribution that cooks your whites and yolks at a similar pace. When your egg is almost done cooking, turn off the heat, put the lid on, and let carryover cooking finish heating the egg from the top to the bottom, which leads to an even and consistent result.