Chef David Chang at an event
The Simple Way David Chang Fixes Over-Seasoned Food
Under-seasoning food is a mistake we all want to avoid, but in our haste, we can end up over-seasoning it instead. Chef David Chang has a tip to fix this faux pas.
If you inadvertently add too much salt or seasoning to your food, Chang recommends doubling the recipe to water down and balance the overly strong flavors.
Doubling your recipe may result in more food than you intended to make, but you can always eat the leftovers later. Alternatively, you can just add more liquid to your dish.
When dealing with over-seasoned broths, stews, or sauces, simply adding more water or a very light stock while it's cooking on the stove can balance out the aggressive flavors.
As a last-ditch effort if these methods don't work for you, add a raw, peeled potato to your dish and let simmer until cooked through. The spud can absorb the excess salt.
Chang reminds cooks that it's best to avoid over-seasoning in the first place by tasting as you go and seasoning sparingly. It's easier to add more than it is to take it away.