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The Simple Trick To Prevent A Mess When Grating Cheese
Cheese makes a satisfying snack when eaten out of hand, but grated cheese is usually best for cooking. Even though we all know that freshly-grated cheese has a better flavor than the pre-grated stuff from a plastic bag, grating a hunk of cheddar or parmesan yourself can get messy — that is, unless you try this neat trick.
Instagram user Slade Wentworth grates cheese in a mess-free way by sliding a resealable plastic bag over the bottom of the grater, then setting it on the counter to use. When the cheese is shredded, all the shreds fall right into the bag instead of all over the counter and floor, eliminating unnecessary mess and waste.
Once you're done shredding, carefully slide the bag off the shredder, and you have a neat, resealable package of cheese that can be used immediately or stored for later. This method helps you avoid additives in pre-grated cheese, like potato starch and cellulose, which stop the cheese from clumping but inhibits its melting ability.