Baked ham with vegetables on dark background. Traditional food concept.
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The Simple Trick To Keeping Ham Moist In The Oven
A roasted ham is the perfect centerpiece for a classic holiday meal, and is a bit easier to cook than some other roasts. Classic smoked, whole hams from the hind leg of the pig go through a curing process that both preserves the meat and keeps it moist, but that doesn't mean your ham can't use some extra insurance against dryness.
To keep ham moist, you should neither pre-bathe nor baste the roast before throwing it in the oven; instead, cover the meat with tin foil while it cooks, until you're ready to glaze it. In addition to covering the ham, you should line your roasting pan with foil to catch the juices and lock in moisture, for a tender cut of meat with less mess.
Balance is key when cooking ham, since you don't want to drown it in liquid, but you also don't want all the moisture to leave the meat, either. Still, ham is by no means as complicated and hands-on as turkey or chicken, not to mention ham is much less likely to dry out, so it’s worth a try for your next big meal.