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The Simple Trick To Find The Hot And Cold Spots In Your Oven
An oven is essentially a warm metal box, and while ideally, all the metal would heat up evenly, not every area of your oven reaches the same temperature at the same time. Ovens are at their hottest near their walls, but other random "hot" and "cold" spots could be all over your appliance, and this is how to suss them out.
To see where your oven is hottest and coolest, The Takeout recommends placing slices of white bread on a baking sheet or sheets that take up your whole oven. Turn the oven on and watch to see which slices darken first and which remain pale; the pale slices indicate a cold spot, while the darker pieces represent the hot spots.
Food 52 recommends heating the 350 degrees Fahrenheit and waiting just a few minutes before checking the bread in order to carry out this test successfully. After learning about the composition of your oven, you'll know where to place certain foods so you won't end up with undercooked meat or burnt cookies ever again.