Vibrant red strawberries on branch extreme macro. Vertical crop, shallow depth of field
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The Simple Trick To De-Stem A Strawberry
Summer’s strawberry season grants us endless possibilities of wonderful dishes, drinks, desserts, and more. But whether you’re eating strawberries right out of the basket or preparing them for cooking, dealing with the stems on pounds and pounds of berries can be a hassle.
You can simply use a knife to remove the stems from the berry, but this can be a time-consuming process if you're cooking or baking. A solution that’s both quicker to perform and can save your fingers from accidental cuts involves using a straw to de-steam and de-hull the berries.
To try this method, simply insert a sturdy straw into the pointed bottom of the strawberry and push it through until the stem and leaves pop out. The hack is perfect for days when you want to put out a bowl of strawberries extra-fast, or for recipes that call for several whole strawberries.