Garlic. (Photo by:  BSIP/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)
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The Simple Trick Restaurants Use To Instantly Peel Garlic
Despite the fussy peeling you have to do with garlic, it's an essential ingredient in countless dishes that many chefs can't live without. Though humans have been using garlic for millennia, peeling cloves quickly and efficiently can still be frustrating — but there’s one simple trick that restaurants use to make it painless.
Nicholas Poulmentis, executive chef of Noema in New York, shared a garlic-peeling tip from his kitchen with Food Network. Instead of shaking, slicing, and/or smashing, the chef leaves many garlic cloves to soak in a container of water overnight; the next day, the skins slip right off without any knives needed.
The Organic Kitchen also recommends soaking garlic cloves, but specifies that they should be placed in warm water. This helps the skins soften and get ready for removal after at least 30 minutes, making a good soak the perfect method to use if you like to use a lot of garlic and prepare meals ahead of time.