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The Simple Trick For Ultra Crispy Tofu
Tofu is a plant-based staple for vegans and vegetarians derived from soybeans and put through a process similar to cheesemaking to attain its recognizable silken white block form. Plain tofu may seem flavorless, but a few cooking tips and tricks can achieve the right flavor and texture.
In getting perfectly crispy tofu, common techniques include pressing it to remove moisture and coating the diced pieces in starches like corn or potato starch. But many forget one crucial step that can be the difference between soggy, shapeless cubes and satisfyingly golden, crunchy tofu, and that is heat.
Whether frying tofu in the pan, baking it in the oven or using an air fryer, high heat is the key to ultra-crispy tofu. Chef Olivia Roszkowski explains, "crisping occurs at a high temperature, at a medium to high flame, and in a pan that is not overcrowded."