stack of sliced deli meat
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The Simple Trick For Slicing Your Own Deli-Style Meats At Home
Making your own deli meats doesn’t require an expensive slicer — all you need is a mandoline. This gadget is intended for fruits and veggies, but it can also slice meat with ease.
Whether it's turkey breast, a chunk of ham, or a pepperoni stick, you can slice your own with a mandolin. The key is par-freezing the meat so that it remains firm while slicing.
To do this, put your cooked meat in the freezer for about two hours. This is long enough to firm it up without freezing it rock-solid.
If you try to run a room-temperature piece of meat through the mandoline, it won't cut smoothly and will likely get stuck in the blade, creating uneven slices of meat.
The result should be beautifully thin, even slices of meat that taste better than anything you get at the deli because you've seasoned and cooked the meat yourself.