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The Simple Trick For Removing Stuck Labels From Glassware
Drinking and eating out of mason jars has long been a "hipster" trend, though it's also good for the environment. Beyond being climate-conscious, CBS news reports that in order to be "truly hipster," the jars have to be used, such as a repurposed jam jar — but what if you can’t cleanly remove the original brand label, leaving a residue?
One method, recommended by craft supply company Avery, involves a quick trip to the store for acetone-based nail polish remover, a bottle of rubbing alcohol, lighter fluid, or cheap vodka. Let the part of the jar with the label soak in the solution of your choice for 15 minutes, then scrub away the last of it with a sponge.
For a more natural method, The Kitchn recommends submerging the glassware in water mixed with dish soap or baking soda that is then heated on the stove. Sustainably Kind offers another, more simple variation, where you fill the jar with heated water for 3 to 5 minutes until the label adhesive has softened.