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The Simple Trick For Opening Freezer Pops Without Scissors
Since their inception in 1905, freezer pops have been a classic summer treat. Although summer has ended, the weather isn't too cold to indulge in a few more summer delicacies before winter, and enjoying freezer pops just got easier with this tip to open them sans scissors.
If scissors are nowhere to be found and you’re too impatient to wait, take a tip from TikTok user Shelby Brazzell; rather than looking for scissors, she simply snaps the freezer pop in half. This move leaves you with two ready-to-eat segments, making it perfect for sharing if you please.
If you prefer to use scissors, the YouTube channel Young Wild Me! Family shares a hack for avoiding waste when cutting open freezer pops. They note that it’s better to store freezer pops upright rather than flat, to avoid cutting off even a sliver of frozen goodness when opening.