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The Simple Trick For Creating A Meatier Sandwich
Science might say that deli-made sandwiches taste better than the ones you craft at home, but there are plenty of tips that can help you create a surprisingly tasty sandwich in your own kitchen. The quality and quantity of the meat you use are crucial, and you should try this layering trick to get the most out of your meat.
You may think that thick slices of meat are the crowning glory of a perfect sandwich, but Bon Appétit explains that balance is the real key. Go easy on strong-tasting meats like salami and use thinner slices so you can actually taste every part of your sandwich, and grab freshly-sliced meat from the deli instead of pre-packaged meat at the grocery store.
To make a sandwich that feels meaty when you bite it, but doesn't actually contain an overwhelming amount of meat, pay attention to how you layer it. In a popular Reddit comment, a user suggests scrunching thin slices of cold cuts (rather than laying them flat) so that you taste the meat in every mouthful, due to the increased surface area.