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The Simple Tip For Serious Savings On Steak At Costco
Big box retailers like Costco have built cult-like followings based on their incredible bulk deals, but there are also tips members can follow to stretch their dollar even further. The best way to buy steaks at Costco is to skip over pre-packaged steaks and reach for a much larger cut of meat, which gives you a variety of benefits.
Not only does buying a whole roast or a full beef strip loin save around $3 per pound by supplying you with more meat per dollar, but it also gives you more control over the outcome of your steaks and how much fat is on each cut. By slicing the roast or strip loin into steaks at home, you can cut them as thin or thick as you like.
Your local Costco likely offers plenty of exciting, whole cuts of beef, and you only need a boning knife and a chef's knife to cut individual steaks from a larger piece. Prepare the meat by drying it thoroughly, trimming the fat to your preference, measuring out and marking the cuts of steak, then cut it to get way more meals for your money.