piece of chicken on a fork
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The Simple Storage Tip To Keep Boiled Chicken Moist
When it comes to cooking chicken, poaching and boiling are great methods for an easy weeknight meal, but boiled or poached chicken tends to dry out in the fridge, resulting in a less-than-ideal texture. Fortunately, there's one easy hack to protect your chicken's moisture and keep it texturally sound, and it’s all about storage.
To prevent your boiled or poached poultry from drying out, just hang onto the liquid that boiled it — it can be water, though stock or something with a little more oomph tends to work better for flavoring purposes. Either way, keeping your chicken in its liquid will preserve the meat's moisture and retain both its taste and texture.
In order to properly pull off this trick, just remember to cool your liquid prior to storage, as you don't want to refrigerate that water when it's at a boiling temperature. Exercise some patience and this trick proves both simple and easy, but also takes full advantage of a liquid you already have on hand.