Potato chips in a brown bowl.
The Simple Serving Hack When You Don't Have A Bowl For Chips
If you don't have a serving bowl for chips, fashion one using the bag itself by creating an opening on the front surface so your guests can grab a handful as they please.
Lay the chips on your countertop face up. Pinch the middle of the wrapper, tear a small opening in the center, grab one side of the hole, and continue to peel in a circular motion.
Make the opening bigger and bigger with each circuit. Once you've made a large enough space with enough border on the sides to keep your chips contained, taper off the wrapper.
You won't be able to reseal the bag, so any crispy remnants left in the bottom can be sprinkled over your next noodle casserole for dinner, put in a sandwich, or mixed into a frittata.
It's the ultimate tip for low-stress entertaining, eliminating post-party washing up and ensuring everyone knows which chip flavors are on the table.