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The Simple Reason There Are No In-N-Out Locations On The East Coast
In-N-Out is a beloved burger chain in the U.S., with a commitment to high-quality ingredients, a tricked-out secret menu, and reportedly great treatment of its many employees. However, the chain notoriously only runs locations on the West Coast, and unfortunately for East Coasters, there's a reason why In-N-Out has yet to migrate there.
In-N-Out maintains strict control over its supply chain of ingredients, and in order for the company to add a new location, the store must be within driving distance of its two distribution centers in Baldwin Park, California and Dallas, Texas. Locations on the East Coast would be too far away to deliver fresh, never-frozen ingredients.
The company also does not allow independent owners to franchise stores, which could lead to drop in consistency from store to store, as operations become more separate from the main company and owners cut corners. East Coast burger lovers may be waiting a long time for an In-N-Out to open near them, but it's for a good reason.