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The Simple Plastic Wrap Hack To Keep Bananas Fresh For Longer
Bananas are notoriously known for going from slightly green to brown and mushy in a matter of days, which is often too quick for all of them to be enjoyed. One method for keeping bananas fresh for longer is to trap the release of ethylene (the gas that turns bananas brown), which you can do using aluminum foil or, better yet, plastic wrap.
Separating your bananas and wrapping each stem individually with plastic wrap will allow them to stay fresh for up to two weeks. This way, you can control the spread of ethylene and prevent exposing it to the other bananas, which tremendously slows down the whole ripening process, and you don’t even need much plastic wrap to do it.
You only need a tiny square of plastic wrap or cling wrap for each banana to completely cover the tops. You can try to leave the bananas in a bundle and wrap the stems that way, but this method runs the risk of failing if there is one banana that is riper than the rest because the ethylene gas can still leak into the other bananas.