New York whiskey sour cocktail.
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The Simple Method Used To Float Red Wine Over A Whiskey Sour
While layered drinks have several different colors of ingredients stacked within the glass, a float has just two blocks of color created by pouring one liquid on top of another. One example is a New York Sour, which features red wine floated over a whiskey sour — and the stunning visual effect of this drink is surprisingly easy to pull off.
The easiest way to make a New York Sour is to slowly and carefully pour the red wine over the back of a spoon that is just barely touching or very close to the top surface of the whiskey sour. This slows the fall of the wine as it crosses the area of the spoon, which helps prevent it from sinking and mixing with the rest of the drink.
You can use almost any type of bar spoon for this task, and if you float the red wine and notice that the layer is a little jagged in some places, don't worry — it will even out on its own with a little time before serving. If you're not sure what kind of red wine to use, try a dry, fruity red like Syrah, or even a Pinot Noir.