Meat on a grill
The Simple Method To Achieve Smoky Barbecue Flavors On A Gas Grill
If you find your barbecue lacking when you make it on a gas grill, there’s an easy fix. You can use wood chips or even wood pellets on your gas grill to get that smoky flavor.
Once you put dry rub on your meat, it should be placed away from the flame on your gas grill. That will leave a big open space over the flame on your grill to make some smoke.
Take wood chips or wood pellets and put them in a smoker box or tube built to sit on the grill grates, or fold up a DIY smoking pouch from aluminum foil to hold the wood chips.
Don’t soak the chips or pellets, as they just need to be put over the flame so they can smoke. Your smoker box or aluminum foil pouch should have holes to let the smoke escape.
The wood chips will be kept from falling through the grill grates by your smoking implement or aluminum foil pouch while they impart the smoky flavor on your barbecue.
It won’t taste exactly like barbecue cooked over wood, but using wood chips on your gas grill will make both temperature regulation and cleanup much easier.