Traditional spicy arrabiata sauce with hot red peppers, garlic and herbs on white kitchen table background, top view. Italian cuisine
The Simple Ingredient That Gives Arrabbiata Sauce Its Signature Spice
While some sauces, like vodka sauce, list their secret ingredients right in the name, other sauces are less self-explanatory, like the lesser-known spicy arrabbiata sauce.
Depending on where you are, arrabbiata’s spiciness may come from different ingredients. In the US, it's made with red pepper flakes, while in Italy, it’s made with hot peppers.
The sauce begins as a tomato sauce made with whole peeled tomatoes, olive oil, garlic, salt, Pecorino Romano, and parsley. Then the spice is added to make it arrabbiata.
While you can add sugar, shallots, butter, lemon juice, or even wine to arrabbiata, Parmesan is usually omitted, as it cancels out the spice. Onion is also considered too heavy.