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The Simple Ingredient Swap To Take Your Sausage Gravy To The Next Level
There are a few meals that are quintessentially Southern, like fried chicken, grits, and, of course, biscuits and gravy. This dish is a Southern staple, and recipes passed down through generations are closely guarded. However, whether you’re new to making this dish or want to revamp a classic recipe, try adding this simple ingredient for a flavorful gravy.
Typical gravy recipes call for ground pork, butter, flour, salt, pepper, and whole milk, served with fresh, warm biscuits. To give your dish a new flavor and add a little heat to it, try swapping chorizo in for ground pork. The chorizo, which is typically seasoned with chili powder, garlic, and other spices, will add extra flavor to your dish.
Adding chorizo will not only liven up the flavor and color of your sausage gravy, but it will also make your dish more versatile. You can try spooning it over breakfast potatoes, breakfast burritos, scrambled eggs, or country-fried steak. After your spicy breakfast, you may not even need that morning cup of coffee to kickstart your day.