Roux sauce in a pan with a wooden spoon with flour and milk on the side
The Simple Hack To Always Have Roux On Hand For Your Recipes
To ensure that you always have a roux on hand for recipes, make a large batch and store it for later use in the fridge or freeze ready-to-use portions in an ice cube tray.
Start by making a typical roux by heating fat like butter or oil in a pan and mixing in an equal ratio of flour. Scale up the quantities so that you'll have leftovers.
Once it’s cooked to your desired color, store it in an airtight container in the fridge for several weeks, or freeze it in an ice cube tray for up to several months.
When you’re ready to use the frozen roux, heat the base of your soup or sauce, add the appropriate amount of roux, and stir together as the roux melts.