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The Simple And Delicious Ingredient Ina Garten Swears By For BLTs
Food lovers are always in search of the perfect bite, whether it be a combination of many ingredients or a simple pairing of high-quality staples. With food combinations, the BLT sandwich is one of the most renowned, and to take her BLT to the next level, Ina Garten swears by this ingredient.
Unless you’re the kind of person who adds mayo to your BLT, your sandwich is going to be missing a creamy element. Ina Garten creates her BLTs Californian-style by adding a couple slices of avocado to give it a velvety texture and some extra healthy fats in order to balance the crunchy bread and crispy bacon.
Avocado perfectly complements the other elements of your BLT, and it provides some additional vitamins and nutrients like riboflavin, folate, magnesium, potassium, beta carotene, and omega-3 fatty acids. As an added bonus, Garten suggests adding a squeeze of lemon juice to keep the avocado from browning.